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Learn about LOUE please listen and order your copies

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  We are LOUE


Hello and welcome to our (yours) web site, we would like to share our musical work with you, so please listen on your streaming service of choice (search " LOUE, Lust" or "LOUE, Love")  or order a hard copy directly from us if you prefer.


Thank you​




We hope you like this Rocky/Bluesy collection of tracks, with a vintage crunchy sound.


LOUE, Lust ( 2nd, New album)

Hi there, welcome to our fantastic second album, LOUE, Lust. Its a set of 9 rock blues original tracks and one cover of Helter Skelter (Beatles), please have a listen to the clips, if you like them pls order your hard copy or download it from from your online stores.

Thank you

But still, no refunds!



LOUE, Lust Tracks


Track 1  - Dial               

Track 2  - Cro-Magnon

Track 3   - Thousand years​

Track 4  - Plastic Horses

Track 5   - Steady Roller

Track 6  - Ronnie

Track 7  - Do me this way

Track 8  - Born to be lonely

Track 9  - Helter Skelter (Lennon/ Mac)

Track 10- Diminished responsability




This is  "Loue Love" an album we all needed.

It is a series of old and new songs, from the T.O.E. and Loopy Lu, with a funk rock and groovy feel.

Special thanks goes to Deanne Naula and Simon Evans and none other than St God himself and a little chorus of Angels, for taking time o​ut from the Universe, which might explain a thing or two (we are not liable for it!), and making it possible.

It's a must hear album for our times.

No refunds

LOUE, "LOVE" Album

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